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Antonio & M. Construction, Inc. possesses over 30 years in the market delivering construction, remodeling and demolition projects for the industrial and commercial sectors. Formerly Antonio Construction, Antonio & M. Construction, Inc. has enjoyed a history of success beginning with small endeavors and few employees growing consistently and becoming a general contractor for multiple and complex projects. This fact provides a marketplace distinction working from the smallest to the largest projects, as subcontractor or general contractor. Each project is unique requiring different methods and techniques; having worked from different points of view makes us highly adaptable to any particular situation dealing with strict demands and requirements.

Our commitment to exceed quality standards has led us to create internal controls and safety programs maintaining an image of integrity gaining numerous clients by word of mouth. We're also proud to count on a team of associates that feel part of the company and are totally dedicated to excellence. We're committed to cover all bases being fully aware that each step is important in maintaining a strong positioning.



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