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Core Values Leading to a Competitive Edge

High-Touch Service: Our clients trust us completely and that we have every detail under control, they've seen our accessibility as we're always available for them. We've accomplished this maintaining nonbureaucratic and lean communication processes. As managers, we pay attention to details ensuring quality and are ready for any situation where our client requires our presence.

Engaged Workforce: Highly specialized team in several areas: administration, operations, and engineering achieving harmony and integration leading to excellent teamwork which is key in delivering and impeccable, high-quality work, exceeding expectations. Our employee turnover is well beneath industry standards. We firmly believe in leading by a hands-on example and developing associates that feel as an intricate part of the company where our clients can see and feel the difference.

Focused on Quality and Safety Programs: We've implemented several plans guaranteeing Good Industry Practices. We have aggressive safety programs recognized in the industry for low accident ratios with plans including prevention, correction, and contingency resulting in client's trust and peace of mind doinq business with a well-structured and fully compliant company.

Internal Efficiency: One of our major strengths is cost control which we watch carefully without affecting the quality of our work becoming savings that we pass on to our clients. One of these measures is that we own our equipment which facilitates processes and reduces costs. Our well structured plans enable us to save costs related to accidents, construction errors, and untrained personnel resulting in delivering projects ahead of schedule without affecting quality. This fact is evidenced by receipt of several cash rewards from key clients.

Partner / Client Relations: We develop excellent relationships with other companies; general contractors or subcontractors understanding the importance of uniting efforts to achieve collective goals providing the best service. We have experience dealing smoothly with colleagues and clients from different industries both local and foreign demonstrating the ability to adapt to different philosophies and work methods integrating agendas and areas of expertise.

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